Green Beans


We source our green beans from the Pacific, Central & South America, Caribbean, Africa & Indonesia. 

We source our green beans from the Pacific, Central & South America, Caribbean, Africa & Indonesia. 

As part of our Ethical Sourcing Policy – any form of child labour is unequivocally unacceptable — we work closely with our Supply Chain partners to conduct additional checks, and we support operators in maintaining best practices.

Quality Control

Strict controls are in place throughout the coffee chain, from bean to bag.

On arrival at the roastery, all our green coffees are sampled by state of the art quality control systems and testing equipment along with two professional in-house Q graders.

Our roaster operators are highly experienced, ensuring roast consistency.

Final packaging checks including roast date, batch, grind, and label quality etc.

Coffee Warehouse

We receive and cup pre-shipment samples of all raw coffee purchases in order to monitor the quality. 

Our green coffee shipments are strictly monitored at all stages of the journey from origin to the roasters.

Once the coffee has arrived at our warehouse it gets another identification attached

for our own use, this internal stock code will indicate its origins and any certifications

it may hold.

The raw coffee warehouse is maintained at a strictly controlled temperature and



Depending on the roasting system employed we utilise three different styles of

roasting machines, and advanced technology systems dictate the roasting process to greater or lesser degrees. 

However, no matter how sophisticated the roasting technology, it will never

replace the artistry of our uniquely experienced and professional roasting professionals.


Scrupulous maintenance of our roasting equipment significantly reduces the possibility

of either technical/quality issues or downtime resulting from mechanical problems.

Without this essential maintenance, a build up of coffee oils could both prevent the coffee roasting to its full effect, or affect the consistency of our product.

Packaging and final QA checking

During this process, key elements such as packaging seal integrity, thermal print quality and labels are checked.

Once we are happy with the finished product quality they are then sent on their way with

our delivery partners.